Registration Deadline:

Registration received after the appropriate deadlines below will incur a $25 late fee.

  • August 31, 2017 - Everyone except fall students

  • September 30, 2017 - Fall students only

Conference Fees & Housing Information:


Lunch and Dinner are not provided as a part of the conference cost. We will have food venders on campus (Monday – Thursday) that you can choose to purchase food from at a reasonable price. Or you could bring a cooler along and purchase cold food from a local grocery store. There are also plenty of restaurants and fast food locations within a few miles of campus. If you are staying on campus breakfast will be provided on campus as a part of your fees, Monday – Friday. If you are staying in the Hampton Inn breakfast will be provided for you at the hotel each morning.


We have limited space in Dorms and Bunk Tents/A-Frames. We also have limited RV sites and hotel rooms. All of these spaces/rooms will be given out on a first come (pay) first serve basis. If you requested something that is no longer available we will contact you for your second preference and work out any payments/refunds for any price differences, if there are any.

If you are wanting to stay in a hotel and don’t have a preference for roommate and would like for us to place you in a room or have an empty bed you want us to fill, you may put “roommate needed” in the roommate name box during registration. We will then work on finding someone to filling the space. Please understand, if we don’t have anyone to place in the room, you will need to pay for the room based on the number of people that are in it or choose another housing option.


The fees below cover your conference fees and your housing (unless you choose the "Off Campus" option). If you are staying on campus or at the Hampton Inn, they also cover your breakfast.

Housing Options:

  • Off Campus (Housing arranged by you.) - $95.00

  • Bring Your Own Tent - $161.00

    • Tent sites are near showers and restrooms. Sites do not have power or water.

    • This option includes breakfast at YWAM Orlando.

  • Bring Your Own RV - $196.00

    • Our sites have 30-amp power hook ups, so if your RV runs off 50 amp you will need to bring an adapter. Each site also has water and sewer hookup, but you will need to provide all hoses needed.

    • This option includes breakfast at YWAM Orlando.

  • Bunk Tent/A-frame - $186.00

    • Military Bunk Tents - Approx. 24 people per tent in bunk beds. Tents have wooden floors, A/C, and detached bathrooms.

    • A-frame Cabins - Approx 8 people in bunk beds. Cabins have A/C and detached bathrooms.

    • This option includes breakfast at YWAM Orlando.

    • Note to parents: If you have children staying with you in the tent/a-frame, they must be age 13 or older. Also, for this option there will be a housing charge on the child's registration form.

  • Dorm Room - $231.00

    • There will be 10 people per room. Each room has it's own bathroom.

    • This option includes breakfast at YWAM Orlando.

    • Note to parents: If you have children staying with you in the tent/a-frame, they must be age 13 or older. Also, for this option there will be a housing charge on the child's registration form.

  • Hotel Room – Hampton Inn Clermont

    • 1 adult per room - $645.00

    • 2 adult per room - $325.00

    • 3 adult per room - $280.00

    • 4 adult per room - $245.00

    • The hotel is approx. 4 miles from YWAM Orlando. We will book the hotel room for you and the cost is included in the price above. You will need to provide a credit card at hotel check-in to cover any fees you incur during your stay. If you do not purchase anything from the hotel, your card will not be charged.

    • This option includes breakfast at the hotel.

    • Hotel Website

Children’s Pricing:

  • Ages Newborn to 2 - Free

  • Ages 3 to 8 - $25.00 per child

  • Ages 9 to 17 - $50.00 per child

  • There is an additional charge if the child is sleeping in the dorms or bunk tent/A-frames.

Additional Fees:

  • Childcare/Children’s Program Fee - $20.00 per child (capped at $50 for 3 or more children)

  • Airport Shuttle Fee - $20 per person

    • Running at set times on Sunday afternoon & evening, Nov 5th and mid-morning & afternoon Friday, Nov 10th.

  • Hotel Shuttle Fee - $20 per person

    • Shuttle service will be provided:

      • Sunday, Nov 5th - before and after registration.

      • Monday – Thursday, Nov 6 -9 - before the morning sessions, after lunches, before dinners and after the evening sessions.

  • Lunch and Dinners:  See meals section above.


You can choose to pay now by credit card when you register online or choose to mail us a check. You will not be fully registered (and your housing will not be reserved) until we receive the payment.

If you choose to pay by check, please make the check-out to YWAM and include a note with the check with the name(s) of who’s registration it is to cover as well as what YWAM base you are coming with. Please mail the check to:

YWAM Orlando
Attn. ENAG
P. O. Box 680647
Orlando, FL 32868-0647

Refund Policy

 Prior to the registration deadline we will refund all fees minus the processing fees. After the registration deadline $50 of your payment (as well as any late registration fees) for each adult will not be refundable or transferable. The rest of the fees are refundable unless you are staying in the hotel. If you are staying in the hotel, we will only refund the portion of the fees that the hotel will refund (minus the $50 and any processing fees).

Here is the hotel refund policy:

  • For cancellations 21 days prior, 75% of the total room for one night is refundable and 14-20 days prior, 50% is refundable.  Cancellations less than 14 days prior to arrival will forfeit 100% of the first night’s cost.