Amy Ward

Amy Ward (Sollars) is a lover of Jesus that has given her life to see the kingdom of heaven released on earth.  She carries a strong prophetic anointing and releases the heart of God over people and places in all spheres of influence. Through the gift’s of God, she brings spiritual and practical alignment so that people and organizations can function to their full capacity. Her greatest desire is to see people encountered by God resulting in a real authentic and fruit bearing relationship with Jesus.

Born into the fifth generation of Alaskan fisherman and women pioneer’s, she grew up in remote parts of Southeast, Alaska spending her summers on the fishing boat. At a young age in the Alaskan wilderness she learned to hear the voice of the God. Throughout her young life she encountered the Lord and has an amazing testimony of the delivering power of Jesus Christ that set her free and into the destiny of the Lord with a extraordinary and rare prophetic gifting.

From the age of eighteen, Amy has been in full-time ministry, and in her early 20’s became an ordained minister. She has been apart of pioneering and leading ministries in Alaska, including a ministry school, houses of prayer, a church, and youth groups. She facilitated and lead state wide youth camps, training schools, conferences and events. Amy traveled and spoke becoming a prophetic voice and teacher throughout the state of Alaska and beyond.

In the spring of 2008 she joined Youth With A Mission in Kona, Hawaii. And is one of the leaders and co-founders of Fire & Fragrance and Circuit Riders, which has grown and expanded in Kona and thought the world. She now travels and speaks in many nations while bringing leadership to different ministries within YWAM.

Amy has stepped into area’s of business consulting and executive life coaching, working for and with christian business’s and CEO’s to in bringing insight, alignment and spiritual training within the business world. She has a calling to see the Lord encounter and impact people of influence and has been doing so with leaders and influencers within the entertainment industry, professional sports, government, and market place businesses.

​In 2014 Amy married Phillip Ward who she had known for over 15 years and had previously worked with in Alaska. Phillip and Amy carry a similar passion and vision, but together they carry an amazing gift mix that compliments each other bringing real impact in everything they do. Phillip brought into the marriage 3 children Mekennah 21, Elijah 19, and Bob 17 who is still at home with them.